Dear Siege Camp

We, The Undersigned, represent the Foxhole logistical player base, ranging from the experienced veterans to passionate newcomers who have arrived as recently as Update 0.46. We all, Colonial and Warden members alike, are dedicated to Foxhole and believe the current state of logistics has become a threat to the overall health of the game.

The cumulative effects of changes made to other systems within Foxhole have increased the stress and responsibility placed on the Logistics player base. We believe that Foxhole should not have a gameplay experience that causes its players this much frustration.

Utilizing feedback from our members, we have identified the most detrimental issues to the logistics experience.

  1. Pull times from Public Stockpiles/Refineries are too long.
  2. Acquiring early game components is overly difficult, competitive and toxic.
  3. Hold time for factory orders is too short.
  4. Production buildings need a Regiment Queue.
  5. Containers do not allow closed-loop logistics.
  6. Lack of midline logistics facilities.
  7. Uncrating materials from stockpiles can be extremely tedious due to the fact that stacks do not easily merge.
  8. Cannot process an entire freighter worth of salvage into Basic Materials.
  9. Crate limits within Reserve Stockpiles are too low.
  10. Snowstorms should not happen on the first day of a war.
  11. Three unstucks per war are too few.

Our delegates will elaborate on these issues in more depth at the first PressCorps Roundtable published after this letter, however we are continuing to examine other issues that are detrimental to the overall logistics player experience.

The explosive growth of our organisation has shown that these issues are recognised by a significant portion of this community. Our frustration has begun to eclipse our patience. While this list does not constitute all of the issues we’ve raised, we find these to be the most pressing and believe that only by addressing the aforementioned issues in a timely manner will the attrition of logistics players begin to be alleviated.

We request that the developers provide specific and detailed feedback by January 10th, 2022 about the feasibility of implementing solutions regarding these concerns.

We have no desire to disrupt the balance of the game, nor do we intend to make the game less engaging or fun for anyone. Our goals are forging a healthy dialogue between the developers and our community, increased player retention, and an improved gameplay experience.

On Behalf of our Members,
Logistics Organisation for General Improvements (L.O.G.I.)


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