A Message to the Wider Foxhole Community from L.O.G.I.

Many players have asked us why L.O.G.I is on strike. We believe that logistics is a neglected yet essential part of Foxhole. Many of its systems haven’t been worked on since pre-World Conquest, with mechanics falling behind as the wars have scaled up to 37 region affairs. The logistics chain has increased in size exponentially, requiring significantly more time and organisation to achieve the level of supply the frontlines need to function.

In our Open Letter, and subsequent PressCorps Roundtable, we outlined some of the most important issues to our community, and requested feedback from the developers as to if and how these issues could be addressed. Since then, we have had radio silence from the devs on all issues relating to L.O.G.I’s existence, despite private and public outreach.

Over the weekend, we organised a vote on activities which would be deemed acceptable to the community, with more radical actions being included to show our collective lack of interest in breaching the game’s TOS. Our community voted decisively against any such action.

At the start of War 87, our community voted on what package of actions we would engage in until we get a response from the developers. As and when we do receive a response, we will discuss the response as a community and decide how to proceed from there.

We understand that many will not agree with the actions and aims of L.O.G.I. this war, but we want to affirm that we have an absolute zero tolerance towards members of our organisation that break the game’s TOS. at present, the following actions are the actions which our organisation have agreed to engage in in protest in-game:

  • Non-Disruptive Demonstrations. In-game L.O.G.I. events, signs, etc to raise profile. Steam name slacktivism.
  • Work Stoppage / Strike. All logistics work stops - L.O.G.I. strike.
  • Reverse strike. Logistics players dedicate game time to exclusively play combat roles (i.e. front line, partisan…) instead of doing logistics

Members caught participating in activities such as team killing, damaging friendly equipment or bases, dumping tech materials, maliciously clogging factories, trading equipment… or any other activities which would be classed as griefing under the game’s TOS will be expelled from our organisation.

Finally, we do appreciate those of you who have shown solidarity on the reddit already. We encourage anyone else interested to get involved however they can. Together we can make Foxhole a better game and community.

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