Mission Statement

The Logistics Organisation for General Improvement is a community organised and driven group, formed from a long running frustration with the approach to logistics in Foxhole.

Recent updates have persistently added further burdens to the logistics playstyle with little apparent consideration given to how these changes would affect the playability and enjoyment of this core gameplay system.

In light of this, L.O.G.I has three main purposes set out below:

  • Developer Engagement: Communication between the developers and logistics community is currently poor. We would like to improve this situation by opening a dialogue with the developers about the current pain points in the system and how players would like to see them improved. L.O.G.I contains over 2,000 highly motivated players who have come together in order to provide feedback and look for solutions to logistics’ mechanical problems. We are happy to help the developers access the wealth of qualitative data available here by hosting surveys, Q&As or any other approaches they feel would be useful.
  • Design Analysis: L.O.G.I is an enormous collection of players who are highly passionate about improving logistics gameplay. Huge amounts of feedback has been submitted, and L.O.G.I will work to collate that data in order to give a collective voice to a playerbase that currently feels overlooked. Additionally, many of the game’s mechanics are currently “black boxes” where the exact rules behind functionality are deliberately obscured. L.O.G.I actively researches these mechanics as they relate to logistics to better understand the game’s processes, and how players can utilise or improve them.
  • Community resource: L.O.G.I will act as a watchdog for the wider logistics community by investigating bugs and updates to assess their impact on logistics gameplay. These assessments will utilise data collected from server users and researchers, and may be presented as Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on Reddit. In this capacity, we may draw the community’s attention to changes or issues in order to focus the server’s collective influence on affecting changes to those systems. L.O.G.I will also assist new players through the Logistics Academy in order to help them understand current game mechanics and strategies.

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